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ACT Traineeships

CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

CHC40113 Certificate IV in School Age Education and Care

CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
CHC50213 Diploma of School Age Education and Care

How ECTARC delivers traineeships in the ACT

Training is provided via distance education so trainees are able to complete their studies at the service and home. Student are given learning materials to read and assessment tasks to complete. Assessment tasks can be emailed or hand written and posted to ECTARC. 


ECTARC Training Officers visit the service throughout the traineeship


ECTARC guarantees a Training Officer will be available to answer questions at all times during business hours, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and Tuesday nights until 7pm.

Trainees are also supported with live webinar study sessions and student resource website (FAQs, forum, interactive ECEC service and more).

Directors, Nominated Supervisors and/or employers are supported and regularly updated throughout the traineeship on the progress of their trainee.


ECTARC has 15 years experience of delivering traineeships and won numerous awards that recognise the high quality training we provide.

Traineeships and Apprenticeship courses are an excellent way for someone to commence an early childhood career. Traineeship courses gives educators an opportunity to pass on their knowledge and skills to a person that is new to the sector. The Australian government also provides financial incentives to assist with the cost of employing a trainee. All ECTARC traineeship courses can be commenced at any time of the year. 

Please view our information below on our traineeship courses or call

Natalie Fernandes, Manager - Funded Programs 

Phone: 02 4223 1111




CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

CHC40113 Certificate IV in School Age Education and Care

CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care 



CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

CHC50213 Diploma of School Age Education and Care

Employer & Student Information Guide

Download the ACT Traineeship Information handbook for the various traineeship programs offered by ECTARC. 

All ECTARC trainees are encouraged to read the Traineeship Information Handbook prior to commencement and refer to it throughout their studies. 

Download here the ACT Traineeship Information handbook

The traineeship process - a quick overview

  1. Owners/Directors contact their local Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC) - Find your local centre at to discuss the requirements of taking on a trainee and information on the financial incentives available.
  2. The Owner/Director tells the AAC that they want ECTARC to be the training provider.
  3. Owner/Directors employ a trainee.
  4. An ECTARC Training and Development Officer visits the centre to sign up a trainee, explain the training plan and provide learning materials.Training takes place both on and off the job. Trainees are provided with learning materials and assessment tasks that give them the opportunity to study at a service or from home. Employers give trainees time off the floor each week to complete learning materials. A qualified educator/Teacher from the service takes on the role as the trainee's Workplace Supervisor. The Workplace Supervisor provides support and advice to the trainee throughout the program.
  5. ECTARC provides support to the trainee and employer through contact visits to the centre throughout the traineeship and via regular telephone communications. Every three months a progression letter is sent to the Director to clearly communicate how the trainee or apprentice is progressing with their studies.

Fees paid by the trainee

The ACT Training Fee is set by the ACT Government Education and Training Directorate. The current fee for a traineeship course is $350.00.  Further traineeship information

ECA Membership

All Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care trainees/apprentices have the opportunity to become a member of Early Childhood Australia (ECA).  ECA is a national, non-profit, non-government advocacy organisation that acts in the interests of young children aged from birth to eight years of age. 

A membership to ECA will entitle you to a copy of the quarterly EVERY CHILD magazine and ECA Voice newsletter for 12 months. These publications will support and enhance your learning as you will be kept up to date with current research and information on best practice in the early childhood sector.  The information provided in these publications will expand your knowledge and allow you to learn more about what is happening in the early childhood sector. For more information on the ECA membership please contact ECTARC on 02 4223 1111.

Traineeship Enquiry Form

If you would like an ECTARC Training & Development Officer to contact you to discuss employing and training a trainee or apprentice please don't hesitate to complete the form below and we will give you a call.

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