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ECTARC trainee wins ‘Young achiever of the Year’ at the NAIDOC week awards
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Students need to get a USI
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Maintaining high standards of hygiene is essential in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and ensuring good health. Effective hygiene practices assist significantly in reducing the likelihood of children becoming ill due to cross-infection or as a result of exposure to materials, surfaces, body fluids or other substances that may cause infection or illness. Assessors may wish to observe safe and hygienic storage, handling, preparation and serving of all food and drinks consumed by children, including foods brought from home as part of their National Quality Standard assessment and rating process.

This Safe Food Handling course is designed to ensure hygienic food handling practices and food safety are maintained in the preparation and service of food at your service. Whilst completing the course, you will develop skills and practical knowledge relevant to your service routine as the program has been customised to meet early childhood industry needs. The course is accredited, nationally recognised and based on the competency HLTFSE001 Follow basic food safety practices.

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