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Training Portal Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use my Dashboard?

2. How do I navigate the Main Menu?

3. How do I navigate the Unit Menu?

4. How do I change my notification preferences?

5. How do I add a photo to my profile?

6. Where do I find the learning materials and additional resources for each unit?

7. How do I complete my written assessment task?

8. How do I save my work?

9. How do I message my trainer?

10. What is a Third Party Report or TPR?

11. What is the Practical Assessment section for?

12. Do I have practical requirements in my course?

13. What is a Simulated Assessment?

14. How do I access my next unit?

15. How do I view my marked assessment task?

16. How do I review and resubmit a written assessment task?

17. How do I upload a video or document into an assessment task?

18. How do I upload a video for my simulated assessment?

19. How do I upload a video or document as a resubmission/review of an assessment task?

20. How do I make my text box bigger in my written assessment answers?

21. What are the links within my assessment tasks?

22. I accidentally submitted my assessment task, but it wasn’t finished!

23. Which file types are compatible?

24. How do I obtain a progression transcript or confirmation of enrolment?

You can access the Student Management Portal for a progression transcript or confirmation of enrolment.

25. I need to upload more than one document to answer a question; how do I merge/stitch the documents?

26. How do I flag assignment questions that I need to come back to?

27. How long will I have access to the Training Portal after completion?

All students will have 14 days access to the ECTARC Training Portal after their course completion date to download content and any completed assessments for future reference. To download completed assessments, go to the relevant unit and click on the ASSIGNMENTS link to view your assessment tasks. Click on the assessment task you wish to copy and then right click on your mouse and choose the PRINT function. Change the destination from your printer to the PDF setting and click SAVE. If you have any questions regarding the saving of your online content, please call 02 4223 1111.