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Financial Plans

Fee for service Payment Option

ECTARC offers distance students the opportunity to pay per unit as you progress through their studies. 

Units can be purchased:

  • with a credit card via the ECTARC Online Shop
  • by directly depositing funds to ECTARC
  • by cheque or money order by completing a Student Unit Order form and posting it to ECTARC.

  • Funded Training Payment Option

ECTARC offers students completing a qualification under a Traineeship, Apprenticeship or other funded programs the opportunity to pay as they progress through their studies. It is an interest free, affordable option to finance your education.  A direct debit payment plan can be set up for each student to pay their fees.  Each fortnight an agreed amount will be withdrawn from the student's nominated bank account.

ECTARC does not offer personal loans. Some financial institutions offer student personal loans. However, we strongly advise that you seek financial advice from a financial institution you can trust.  Be wary of financial institutions that charge extremely high interest rates and exorbitant fees. 

For more information

To discuss the courses and financial plan options available please call 02 4223 1111 or email