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School-based Traineeships

ECTARC has many high school students studying the Certificate III in Children's Services while they are working towards their secondary school certificate. Traineeships and apprenticeships are a great way to commence training for a vocational qualification and earn a way while completing the senior secondary certificate. ECTARC provides flexibility as a traineeship or apprenticeship program can be commenced at any time of the year.

Invitation to Careers Advisors, Parents and Students

Careers Advisors, parents and students are invited to call at any time to discuss ECTARC's traineeship program, the support services provided to each student and how to the programs can be commenced. 

In NSW, please call Natalie Fernandes on 02 4223 1111 or email 

In Queensland, please call Sue Bond on 07 3345 8272 or email 

For a brief overview, click here for an Australian Government School-based apprenticeships brochure.