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Fostering children’s development

- a play based approach to learning


ECTARC is excited to deliver professional development training to early childhood services around fostering children’s social, communication and cognitive development through play. This training opportunity is funded by the NSW Department of Education through the Early Childhood Sector Development Program.   

As early childhood educators we have  a responsibility to provide optimum environments for children to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that encourage lifelong learning.  Interactive and engaging, this workshop will provide educators with a greater understanding behind the complexities of developing children’s language, cognitive and social behaviours. Participants will explore the benefits of play-based environments looking at practical, inspiring strategies to foster curiosity, creativity, imagination and problem solving skills with young children.

The Training will be delivered as a face to face workshop at various locations across NSW, or as a two-part webinar series that can be accessed from the comfort of your own service or home.

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      NESA Registered Professional Development